Friday, December 7, 2007

Langkawi trip part 1


This was avery well plan holiday lah..a family trip to be exact...this is not my 1st time at Langkawi, but this trip was more enjoy..more thrill coz all my family can jaoin the trip.. 10 of us...
it was planned sinve get all the members of family involve was not easy..biasa ha...we work at different in different state lagik..different commitment, etc...ada yg sekolah, study in university, working abroad etc...haaaa...and i volunteered to arrange air tix, hotels, car rental, itenary, etc..
so my plan was pi tempat2 yg must go..must see..must eat..must etc...
so it was:

1. makam mahsuri (dlm trip ni ada budak yg tgh belajar sejarah..hahah)
2.cable car ride -gunung mat chincang
3.island hopping (sapa takmo..takut panas, takut ait takyah gi..pi shoping sana..shoh-shoh..
4.amik2 photo kat dataran helang
5.pi mkn laksa (tanjung Rhu)
6.Shopping aktiviti
7.langkawi under water world
8.explore the best mkn place
9. pi kedai roti che dt kat awana porto Malai
10.pi tempat beras terbakar, laman pagi, geleri perdana, kampung book, etc

banyak lagi le..lupa...

and as planned..
i booked hotel hem....we stayed at Century Suria Apartment (RM300/night)
i booked 2 unit of Nissan Sentra which cost RM120.00 each /day
i arranged for island hopping (beli pakej kat travel agent di airport langkawi)

So as planned, we gather at airport (LCCT) 9.30 am..our flight was 11.25 a.m..but saja bagitau suh dtg awal, takut ada yg terlambat ke we have ample time to eat, lepak and chit chat with all the family members...and saja borak2 dgn mak abah (eh..dah sebulan lebih tak jumpa lah...since raya kotss)...

my sis and i was travel by cab to airpot..and other family members was with my brother in law...sadis lah coz...on the way to airport hujan lebatt sgt...and my BIL was drive mitsubishi storm..and all the bags was put at the back...basahhhh...haaaahahhahah....dia tak pasang cover bumbung tu....kesian diarang..and i already told them that bawak light packing saja...coz sure nak pi light packing saja ok...

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