Friday, August 24, 2007

Favourite 'makan place'

I think everyone has favourite makan place ..rite? Me too..
Actually long time friend and I always had dinner kat one of the gerai nih.. KUSUMA..
i love the taste of the tomyam, sup ekor and telur dadar serve with sambal belacan and plain rice..tapi kedai tu cuma buka ptg-malam. Since i moved already from Bangi, so i never had a chance to go there..and suddenly i saw a restaurant at seksyen 15 with same name 'KUSUMA'..and it serves pantai timur cuisine... My friend said this is another branch but this one is cozy one..nice place to makan lah..wah..ada kemajuan..bagus lah....And the best is, it located very near to NUIN..tempat lepak aku...yg ada free wifi tu..
and i went to Kusuma about 5 times before..for lunch..and one thing why i like is 'kerabu mangga'.This is simple keabu mangga which is very different from the somtam and kerabu mangga that i posted before in this blog. And today i had my lunch at kusuma and actually the serves tomyam etc (masakan panas). So i ordered my favourite tomyam, telur dadar, sambal belacan and plain the taste is just the same which i had 3 years ago...yummy...sodap ler...

And after bloated with tomyam, i went to Nuin, as usual, my 'lepak place'..and here is my ice lemon tea..

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