Friday, August 17, 2007


somtam? kerabu mangga?
oh..i crazy lah with this kerabu....its originally from god..menitik-nitik air liur ku..
I was rememer, two years ago I went to Kelantan (Kota Bahru).. my collegue and i went to (alamak i dunno exactly wuts the name of this place, but sumting like wakaf che yeh or sumthing..tempat tu just like pasar malam, located next to Meda selera, we can buy food at the pasar mlm and eat at the stall kat medan selera tuh.. i'm still remember, i bought " nasi kerabu" marvelouss one... the nasik banyak giller and u can pick any lauk (provided u r willing to pay extra ).. from ikan bakar to ayam, daging bakar and the have several choice of nasi like nasi dagang, nasi berlauk (weh...terliur aku taww!!).. And the best is i bought Somtam from one of the stall at the pasar malam. This pakcik and makcik sell somtam ..i bought the best somtam in the world ( i guess..)..
the taste is so wonderfull..the mix of mangga and betik , kacang panjang, fish souce, and a few indigeredients which i dunno...udang kering, the best somtam i ever had in my life..!
Eh..i wonder how they mix and balance the taste of the fish souce with the other bahan..coz i failed to do that..i have a bottle of fish souce at home..and i only use it twice in my cooking..hahhaa..and the taste is weird..hem..i'll try again..
Till now i'm still remember that moment (eating the mableshh somtam lah)... and now when people talk about Kota Bahru, Kelantan, my mind automatically generate the image of that makcik more kain tudung bawal, etc..(but at that time aku borong almost 20 nice tudung hahahhaha...cheaper lah..tak beli 'rugi'..huhuuhuh
and last month, one of my online friend gave me the 'parut mangga"..use to shread the mangga to make the somtam...she gave me 2 units and she dont want me to pay..wah..good.. and i think i will buy sumthing for my friend...thanks friend..even though we never met, u willing to help me to get that parut mangga..who said that hanging in internet online forum is a waste of time..? plus..i get free recepi..
and i bought the mangga for somtam a few days ago..hopefully tomorrow i can make the best somtam like the makcik kelantan! wish me luck eh...

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