Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small party with Saira

Saira was helping me to serve the dinner

Yesterday.. i went home late, but suddenly i think i need to go to supermarket near to my get few things....and on the way tu Saira called me..she's at the supermarket very near to my house..sepelaung gituh..
so i decided to meet her there... so we chit chat while shopping..then i invited her to my house...
So i cooked simple meal, spagahety with meat sauce, fruit salad and the desert was tiramisu.
Saira was so kind hearted, she brought green grapes and sparkling grapes drink. So i just prepared the ice cubes.

fruit salad (grapes, corn, cherry tomato, watermalon, capsicum)

Spaghetty meat sauce


After solat maghrib, i quickly cook and serve the dinner. We chit chat while enjoying the food. Best ek..blogger meet blogger..chit chot..chit chott..then we watched TV and she left at about 10.15pm. Good bye friend...thanks for officially she's the first guest came to my apartment..ha..


purp said...

nmpk sedap lah sos spageti tu... nak resepi!

Beruang Madu said...

ni apahal tetiba keluar bahasa omputih nih... mementanglah makan speg kan... tak faham tak faham lah

catz said...

malu le nak buh masak guna sos pasta tuh..senang sgt..nnati le catz buh resepi ngelat ni..hhehe

Catz said...

saja jerk..hehhehh..asyik miow..miow..miow..sesekali nak meow..meowww...meowwww....!!!

Saira said...
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