Tuesday, June 3, 2008

cheese and wealth..

roti cheese dan roti bawang yg sudah lenyap

Today Cik Kuntum came to my office..hemm....it was quite long since our last meeting on April..
currently she is busy with her project ehm...final sem. we had chit chat at my office before we headed to the ' cheese' or sometimes we only call it 'mamak cheese'. cthnya.." mana nak makan?" and she answered 'cheese"..so understood, that particular kedai mamak ok.
Actually i dont plan to go out for lunch, but as Cik Kuntum asked me out. why not..it is not easy to see her in 6-7 months. Very bust women lah...with study, project and her son and rumahtangga. Hem..she managed to catch up everything..impressed lah...very berdedikasi gitu..

At 'mamak cheese' she ordered her favourite roti cheese and i??..roti bawang. Everytime at this mamak's she will order that particular roti cheese ok..no other else. She said, teh best roti cheese is here. Anddd..it's quite long we didn't eat at this restaurant but one of the workers suddenly said " hai kakak..lama suda tada dtg sini" sambil senyum2 mesra gituu..hehehhe...wah still recognized us..terkejut aku..kweng-kweng-kweng....aiyooo..pekerja2 kedai mamak itu sgt ingat rupa aku dan cik kuntum coz we used to eat there at least 2-3 times a week previously..and klakar jugak coz last time when we stepped in this mamak's they know already wut cik kuntum and i will order..ngheheeeeeeee ...aku teh ais and nescafe ais for cik kuntum..kan...roti cheese, roti bawang.

aku rasa she's the only friend yg sgt suka dan selesa lepak dgn aku at mamak's..coz some of my friends said
" euwww..i tak makan kat kedai mamak" for wutever reasons lah..

maggi goreng

Cik Kuntum was craving for maggi goreng..so she ordered and share with me..nyum-nyum-nyum...looks plain but the taste was walla!! sedap.... makan tak hengat..!
And the teh ais here superb beb..besttt..! meletops...

As usual selain kisah rumahtangga, we talked about books..yes..cik kuntum kan skema..mesti cerita pasal buku, and i'm glad she enjoyed the book that i gave as birthday present...
Cik kuntum and i read the same magazine, 'Personal Money'. She always help me to get the mag. supply. Sini cerok..tak jual majalah iteww..sedeyyy... we shared all the books related the financial planning, buku ' how nak kaya'..hehheheh..those kind of booklah...thats why lah dia sgt boleh ngam dgn kucing ini. And today she brought this book to share with me.. 'The Rules of Wealth'

let see the contents


Nice book to read..kan...Cik Kuntum and i mmg suka berangan...hheheheh..nak kaya...nak kaya.. tapi duk berangan je cam aku camana nak kaya..cik Kuntum oklah..abah dia mmg dah kaya raya..hehhe..and when she asked me.." eh...can u guide me how to save money?..i got intention to buy apartment or landed property lah..."..so my answer was... "er...ko mintak je lah kat abah kau.."...ekekkeeke...ekekkee..very lah tak bernas punya jawapan..yelah aku ni tak pakai benda branded2 nih..not really into it lah as compared to her..camana aku nak advise dia on monthly expenses as she requested, so aku rasa jawapan aku sgt tak relevan dgn taraf hidup dia..ehm. Yer..aku kucing yg low profile je...sapalah aku kan. But i respect her when she said.." i want something with my own money"..hemmm

makan mcm ni, tak habis tinggal..membazir..camana aku nak kaya...


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