Friday, March 7, 2008

Fish steak (seabass) 8/10

Yesterday.. i treat myself with nice lunch and spa treatment..a real spa treatment..
Lunch with Adrea and Sha at San Francisco Pizza..nice lunch i guess.i had fish steak and both of them enjoyed fish and chips,and we did a serious discussion about nuclear wut an interesting topic..kehehhehhe..and one more topic to maintain healthy, slim, beautiful and diet (sambil duk ckp pasal diet, the mouth was munching the fish and chip....healthy ke tuh mek?)

Fish and chip (7/10)

but Adrea, i suggest u stop talking about work over the lunch ya...just enjoy ur meal..hahahha..jgn mareeee..ko serius gituh..

after work i went to spa..actually i planned it long time ago, every time whe i feel stress, i plan to get spa treatment,..tapi..malas..konon2 no time.. but 3 days ago, i pass by the area and i forced my self to drop by and make an today, here i am (actually i planned to cancell it)..but yey!..i made it..paksa-paksa diri gitu..hem..this is my 1st visit to this spa..nice..service, the people, the treatment, i can feel that my stress was reduced worth for money lah.
I love the teh halia, and they served it twice, before and after..And this spa has gym and also has several classes, belly dance, yoga and aerobic. And they have facial treatment and other treatments which cost around RM200-700 for few hours treatment..And they suggest me to join the membership, so that i can join the class and use the facility, gym, sauna, stim bath etc..interesting kan...and i think the price is reasonable..(tapi wajar ke utk aku yg ala2 malas dan ala hangat-hangat mee goreng ni?)... harus mak lepas ni berpedicure manicure..kehehhe..
But overall best time i will again for foot massgae i think..

and balik..mak aih...jemm jalan ni...dekat 7.15..jln jem..aku duk KL kah?? tetiba rasa stress semula..

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