Sunday, March 9, 2008


I guess most of us still extremely shock..kalau tak tekejut tu pun buat-buat le tekejut..
yup, me too..and it began last night, after performed solat maghrib, Of course allmost of us was excitedly waited for the election results..right? And me too, after prepared dinner like lipas kudung, i bring 4 pillows, my blanket, a cup of tea, keropok and sit patiently wait in front of the TV. National TV yer..RTM1 and TV3..Ala-ala berdebar. I can feel it, through the alternative media (blogs), on-line forum, forum on TV, etc, people expect that there will be unexpected results.yes...true enough... i think the 1st results appeared about 8.15 pm. And wow...and catz mcm kena gam, sat2 baring, sat duduk..phewww...very unexpected lah..people. HOT! JHOT! so i turned on the air-cond, full blast..huhuuh

Time flies, and i'm still patiently wait for the important results, opsss....i still didn't pack my things as tomorrow , i'll be off to penang. Hooo..i don't want to move..i dont want to miss the results update. sat2 catz tgk TV1, sat2 TV3, and i really like the prof (from UKM) who invited to TV1, discussed the election results. Wah..ala-ala laser.
Samy vellu kalah di Sg Siput.
Shahrizat kalah di lembah pantai.
Zainuddin Maidin kalah di Sg Petani.
Hem...unexpected?..or expected?

I took my bag, i took my things and put in front of TV..nak packing, tapi sudahnya sampai pukul 3 pagi, i did nothing, concentrate on the election results. and sudahnya catz tidur at 4.45 a.m. Hampa coz actually i was excitedly waiting for Selangor results, tapi sampai pagi tak ada. Why??
Coz they already announce that Selangor dah berpindah ke tangan pembangkang. Wut??? TEKEJUT!!!!!!!! very unexpected!! Perak, Kedah, Penang,Selangor,Kelantan sudah berada dlm tangan pembangkang, begitu juga WP Kuala Lumpur. I dont want to comment, i will just focus on the results, usual, dikuasai BN. Tapi PAS and DAP dah tembus.
And latest news said that PM mengadap Yang di Pertuan Agong. he will form his new cabinet on Monday.
Latest news:
Pesuruhjaya PAS kedah, azizan akan jadi MB kedah.
Lim Guan Eng - chief minister Penang (DAP sapu semua kerusi yg ditandingi parti gerakan).
Tan Sri Khalid Iberahim (PKR) dijangka jadi MB Selangor
Perak- calon menteri besar samada DAP atau PAS (still khabar angin).

Hot! Hot! Hot!!!!

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