Saturday, May 10, 2008


(Lionel Richie)

Girl, tell me only this
That I'll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I'll always love you

And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care
I will always be there

Now I need to tell you this
There's no other love like your love
And i,as long as I live,
I'll give you all the joy
My heart and soul can give

Let me hold you
I need to have you near me
And I feel with you in my arms
This love will last forever

Because I'm truly
Truly in love with you girl
I'm truly head over heels with your love
I need you, and with your love I'm free
And truly,you know you're alright with me

have a nice weekend ya!!


Saira said...

Apsal semenjak dua menjak ni asyik dengar lagu2 jiwang? Hehehe.. cuba la dengar rock sekali sekala.. Kekeke..

Catz said...

This song is specially dedicated to someone...and i really love this songs..
ye betul..ianya sangat jiwang, tetapi saya sangat suka..

lagu rock?..errr..tidak begitu sejiwa dgn saya..tapi kadang-kadang dengar juga..