Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There is no perfect life

There is no perfect job..
there is no perfect life..

but there is always a perfect moment..for you..

i agree.. looking at myself..looking at people around me..sometimes made me feel lucky..and sometimes not. having so many things mingle in mind lately..
sometimes..i feel life is so short...then i should make my life fun and happy.

but..lately i feel that something is missing...
and i always feel like this..which made me unhappy..down..weak. sighh...


purp said...

yeap, there's no perfect life... but some people make it more special just by being in it ;-). btw, God decides the best for us.

syukur said...

hey.. catz..be positive.. cherish your life... jgn down down cam ni.. tak baik.. he he



"being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. it means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections"


"Most people unleash their negative energy through their anger, some people release their vitality through their laughter. Extraordinary people with pure good hearts channel their positive vibes through their endless smiles and quiet cries."


atty's said...

catz dtg blog amik hadiah

Catz said...

hi all..
thanks u ols...for the words..i feel much better now..