Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lunch at Chicken House..

Today, for lunch , i went to Bangi Chicken House.. 20 minutes drive from my office...
This is my 1st time here. My friends and i just need something different..hari-hari nasi campur boring gak..
So three of us had this:
The muffin is Yummy..recommended.. Orange juice

Saira: 1/4 chicken with rice plus salad and mac cheese Lid's : 1/4 chicken with rice with fruits and mac cheese
mine : 1/4 chicken with rice plus coleslaw and potato salad Ice lemon tea

Overall..the concept is slightly Kenny Rogers(betui ke aku spell ni?).. The main is Chicken with rice/ fries and u can choose 2 side dishes.There are few other selection like spagety bolognese (chicken) , chicken chop.. so semua food mesti ada chicken ..suit with the name and concept.The ambiance is nice and very comfortable. And the plus point which i want to highlight here is they have FREE WIFI..best.best..i likee.. but since they only have limited menu so not many people come in during lunch time.
Overall i can rate:

taste of the food = 6/10
quantity of the food = 8/10
food selection= 5/10
ambiance = 8/10
price =7/10
service= 7/10
Total= 6.8/10

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